Your dreams
in our bricks.

We use unique bricks. Each one is made from our customers’ dreams. Hence why we treat them with great care. The materials to keep the bricks together are unique as well. A blend handed down for three generations: humility and concreteness in equal parts.

Building is a serious business.
Serpelloni is a building firm.

Serpelloni is a building firm that has opened its most important construction site since 1950. Since then, we have been growing competence on that site every day. There we mix theoretical and practical knowledge. Over time, we have gained experience in every area of ​​construction, up to managing entire real estate operations.

First class.

We work to obtain the best results also from an energy perspective. We build and redevelop buildings capable of reducing emissions, enhancing living comfort and drastically reducing management costs. Attention to the environment is something that is built steadily over time.

Passion is always
moving us.

This is the moped that Antonio used in his early business years to move from one construction site to another. It is now kept in our offices to remind us of the passion of the founders Antonio and Pietro Serpelloni.

Experience teaches us,
technology helps us.

Learning is a never ending journey, hence why we embrace the new. Today, we dispose of technological applications that were once unthinkable and greater attention is given to aspects related to the environment and the quality of life.

A longstanding
winning team.

Over time we learned how to run our business, making the most of everyone's skills. We have not only built buildings but also relationships that today give us the strength of a well-knit team.

the circle.

The control over each business function allows us to optimize time, costs and quality. Because of increasingly complex regulations, we regularly meet with professionals to discuss design and technical related issues. This allows us to always close the circle.

Your timings
are our timings.

Competence and know-how are nothing without respect. This is why respecting timings without compromising on quality, is so important to us. We are committed to adhering to very high certification standards. Our certified precision.

A partner
at your level.

Our consistent quality work has allowed us to gain experience in every area of ​​construction, up to managing entire real estate operations. We guarantee each interlocutor the same level of attention and competence.